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Your Dream

Vineyard Wedding

Beauty & Simplicity

You will remember your wedding day forever. So elegance, style and romance is all important. But does it need to be so complicated? At Tiffany Vineyards, we aim to streamline this process and cost for you in just 3 simple steps. So say "I do" in making your dream vineyard wedding come true.  

Wedding Decorations

Keeping Your Events Simple,
with just 3 steps

1) Book for at least 2 Nights on AirBNB
2) Complete Event Policy Agreement

3) Complete Event Payment

To good to be true? We think so too :) Let's celebrate Your Day, Your Way, and create memories for a lifetime.

Private Vineyard & Venue.jpg

DISCLAIMER: Tiffany's Vineyard is a private event venue that provides living quarters for up to 10 people. For any type of event, with more than 10 people and/or for any activity considered an "Event," Tiffany's Vineyard will require the completion of the following: 1) event policy form above and 2) payment of event fee, which will be based on the total number of people on onsite, total cars parked and other risk indicators assessed.

Tiffany's Vineyard does not provide outdoor equipment (tables, chairs, tents), insurance and/or event planning services. The client will be responsible for those items. Any events will have more than 50 participants will require the client to rent portable restroom facilities for the respective event days. The client and event participants must adhere to the event policy and agreement at all times. Violations of the event agreement can lead to immediate cancellation of booking, additional fines/fees and/or escalated action. Please review event policy carefully and sign. Upon authorization of form, you will receive an email with directions on making event fee payment.

Done. The Rest is Up to You. Make Your Day - Your Way.

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